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        All our packages are 3 nights and 4 days. We need at least 4 week minimum notice to organise you an unforgettable holiday.


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        You may have plenty of questions about our mystery breaks. We’ve answered the most common questions to help you learn more about what we do.

        What kind of accommodation should I expect?

        When completing the survey, you’ll have the opportunity to select out of 2 price points which will help determine the level of accommodation. All accommodation is a minimum of 3+ stars and you have the option to upgrade to 5 star accommodation. Our dedicated travel agents ensure the best accommodation and attractions available.

        Do I need to organise flights or transport to my mystery destination?

        Not at all, all our holiday packages include flights to your mystery destination. Our travel agents book your flights so you don’t need to worry about a thing except for packing your bag!

        Do I need to organise airport parking?

        With so many options available we leave this one up to you!

        How do I know what to pack?

        About a week before your holiday, you will receive a letter or email which will tell you the weather forecast of your destination and any additional things you may need to pack. That way you don’t bring your snorkeling gear on a trip to the outback.

        When can I travel?

        You have the freedom to specify dates, just as long as you allow us a minimum of 4 weeks in advance so we can plan and book your unforgettable break. Our travel agents book the dates you specify. Extra surcharges may apply for festive periods.

        How many nights are included?

        Our packages are three nights, if you would like more or less please contact us and we will tailor something just for you.

        Where could my holiday take me?

        That’s a mystery! All our destinations are within Australia and involve a plane flight. We choose your destination based on your survey responses to ensure you get the most of our your mystery break. The map below shows some of the destinations you could be sent to.

        Can I travel overseas?

        Our packages are designed to take you to destinations within Australia. But we can send you overseas, just let us know! Contact us or submit your survey answers to an agent if you would like us to tailor an extra special OS break.

        When do I find out my destination?

        We send you a travel pack at least a week before you travel, you can choose to open the itinerary at this point or wait to open at the Airport to reveal your destination so your break is a complete mystery!

        When do I find out my booked activities?

        Your travel pack will include daily itineraries of all the activities we've booked for you and details about them. You'll receive the travel pack about a week before your holiday, so it's up to you when you open the itineraries. We recommend opening each itinerary at the start of each day while on your break or when you're at the airport.

        How is my break designed?

        Upon completing your survey, one of our experienced travel agents will design a personalised break based on your survey responses. All of our breaks are custom designed just for you, no two breaks are the same! 

        Do you also give suggestions on what to do at my destination?

        Along with flights and accommodation, we book attractions that we think you will enjoy during your break. We also provide a list of other suggested attractions that are available at your destination.

        Is there a limit on how many travellers I can book for?

        The online checkout only allows for two passengers. However, if you are interested in booking for a group, please contact us or add a note on your survey.

        How far in advance do I have to book?

        We need at least 4 weeks notice to book you an unforgettable break.

        Where do flights depart from?

        We can book flights to your destination from all major Australian airports. When completing the survey, you’ll be asked what’s your closest major airport, or where you would like to travel from.

        When do I pay?

        Upon completing the survey, you will be asked to checkout and pay online. This means once you're booked, the only thing you need to worry about is packing your bags!

        Can I bring my kids?

        Our mystery breaks were originally designed for adults but if you want to include your kids, please contact us.

        What if my letter doesn't arrive in the mail?

        Please let us know if your letter doesn’t arrive in the mail at least a week before your departure. If there are any issues with mail delivery, we can always email your travel details.

        What do I need to take care of?

        Our breaks include flights, accommodation, attractions and/or activities and transfers to your hotel. Each break is different, so in your package we’ll lay out what’s included.

        Some of the things you need to take care of:

        • Packing your bags
        • Getting travel insurance - you can book through us - put as optional extra in survey - traveller details
        • Some meals (we’ll let you know what meals are included) - breakfast can be included -unless specified otherwise- include in survey
        • Spending money
        • Some transport at your destination (we’ll organise transport from the airport to your hotel, to and from activities/attractions and from your hotel to the airport)
        • Having a good time


        Have any other questions?

        Contact us!